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Welcome to metametaverse

MetaMetaverse is a platform for creating your own metaverse. Each metaverse functions as a virtual society and has its own games, interactive experiences, economy, and governance. These metaverses are constructed with metameta lang, the layer 1 protocol for metaverse interoperability

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A metamap is a visual representation of existing, bought and inhabited metaverses. You can zoom in/out, scroll through, click on each and discover them all. Eventually you might be able to buy them.

Explore Metamap
Explore Metamap

What can I do with my own metaverse?

Create multiple sub metaverses and re-sell them

Upload your own 3D environment created in the most popular tools

Attach a list of your own NFTs to be displayed inside your metaverse

Set meta properties, e.g. Name, Description, your website url

Play2Earn, coin collection game

Set environmental settings, like rain, fog, etc

Use existing game mechanics and experiences, e.g. vehicles, boats, and flying cars

Build your own games



$VOX is the governance token of the Meta Metaverse. It controls the DAO treasury (developed from the in-game asset sales) and overall supply of Metaverses.


Fairy dust is the native currency of the Meta Metaverse. It can be earned by in game play (i.e. completing games, exploration, and exploration).

Meta Marketplace

We sell the Metaverses and take a 2.5% fee on any in game asset sales.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon


Joel Dietz is an early Ethereum architect and MIT Fellow who started Metamask and formalized the academic field of cryptoeconomics. He is also a long standing hobbyist game designer and artist. He is the inventor and lead architect of Metameta lang.

Joel Dietz, CEO


Dapplica, Immortal games co-founder

Ivan Kravets, CTO


IT/Blockchain Entrepreneur, ITEXPORTUNION.COM co-founder

Lyubomyr Pavlyk, Operations and CBDO


SERIAL gaming ENTREPRENEUR, Dapplica, Immortal games co-founder

Oleh Mykhaylovych, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)



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2021 Q4

  • Metaverse language spec (noumenx)
  • Reference client in Unreal Engine

2022 Q1

  • Exploration and Coin collection game
  • Initial parcel land sale
  • Other client development start

2022 Q2

  • Game development client
  • Avatars and Quests

2022 Q3

  • Play to learn integration 
  • Hardware integrations

2022 Q4

  • Meta game